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Ideas and Inspiration for Updating Your Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertop Trends

Planning a kitchen renovation is one of the most exciting home improvement projects. From upgrading light fixtures, appliances or hardware, to changing the paint colour, countertops and cabinetry, there may be a number of items on your wish list. If replacing countertops or adding new prep space is one of your key renovation goals, the possibilities are endless. However, at times, greater the choices, tougher the selection process.

  • Should you go for granite, quartz, natural stone or some other material? Which countertops will be a better match for your lifestyle, cooking habits and maintenance preferences?
  • What colors or patterns will look good with the rest of your kitchen? Should you select something that creates a contrast and makes a style statement, or go with options that effortlessly complement the surrounding design?

Choosing a kitchen countertop can be a time-consuming and confusing process. You can select patterns and colors that are timeless and elegant, or experiment with the latest designs to be fashion forward. Here are some of the top kitchen countertop trends that may inspire your kitchen makeover.

Natural Stone is in:

We suggest that not everything is about quality and practicality alone. Designers and consumers are consciously trying to choose more eco-friendly options and natural materials that involve less processing. The unusual structure, natural graining or veining patterns and high durability of granite and natural stone countertops puts them at the top the list.

Think Thin:

Modern minimalist designs are demanding thin countertops that create a lighter, airier appearance and make every type of kitchen look more spacious. High quality and durable materials, such as granite, porcelain stoneware, or other natural stones can be fabricated to as thin as one centimetre. These countertops will still provide the same sturdiness and longevity as the standard -centimetre or 2-centimetre-thick slabs.

Quintessential Quartz:

As a highly durable manmade surface, a quartz countertops promises a fair degree of uniformity in textures, tones and veining. Due to its resistance to stains, spills and heat, along with an extensive range of colors and finishes, quartz continues to be the popular option for those who are after cost-efficient, low-maintenance countertop materials.

Marble-like Makeover:

One of the topmost kitchen countertop trends is to install marble-like quartz countertops that exude style and luxury without stretching the remodeling budget. Greys, whites, and other light-colored, cool-toned variants may find their way into many kitchens this year.

Slab Backsplash:

While subway tiles and mosaics remain the more affordable options, slab backsplash is making quite a splash. Countertop materials, such as granite, quartz, glass, natural stone or marble are being extended as backsplashes for a seamless, contemporary look.

Waterfall Edges:

Gaining increasing popularity over the last few years, the waterfall edge countertop sits high up in the kitchen countertop trends. For those who are looking to add a modern and luxurious visual feel without going through a complete kitchen makeover, the waterfall edge offers a great option at a fraction of the cost.

Hone it Up:

A matte finish with little to no shine, the honed look is more on trend than ever before. While the overall look varies based on the countertop materials and colors, a honed finish delivers a smooth, elegant, low-sheen visual if you want something different from the usual glossy, polished surface. The honed finish pairs well with natural stone such as marble for concealing flaws and scratches more readily. The relatively newer leather finishes, which offer a soft, less glossy sheen and hide water spots or fingerprints are also gaining popularity in recent years.

Veining and Patterns Add Character:

As per the latest trends, the bolder the veining and patterns, the greater the appeal. Whether it is natural stone or engineered stone, countertops with dense veining can create a truly captivating look and make a statement in your kitchen.

Sinks Matter:

Kitchen sinks are a big part of countertops. While the range of sizes, shapes and finishes continues to expand, the traditional stainless steel sinks are making way for colored ones, such as gold, matte black and brass. Farmhouse sinks and oversized sinks also make it to the top kitchen countertop trends.

As a family company, we view each project as a unique and personal
challenge, so when it’s time to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom, call
the Palm beach countertops and bathroom specialists.

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